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About us


About our company

Valdom's production facility is located in Šid, near the Belgrade-Zagreb highway, on an area of ​​30,000m2, with a modern plastic processing plant.

By constantly investing in professional staff and state-of-the-art technologies, our products become recognizable both in the domestic and foreign markets.

All production is designed according to the directives of the European Union related to the production of pipes that do not contain heavy metals, which is why we rightly call our pipes ecological pipes. Also our production is in line with the EU Europe 2020 strategy on climate change and ecology.

We make an additional contribution to the environment by using state-of-the-art machines from renowned European manufacturers 'Engel' and 'Theysohn', which are characterized by low power consumption. Quality assurance of our products is compliance with all European and world recommendations and standards in the field of production of PP-R, HDPE, PVC, as well as PP pipes and fittings.

VALDOM company also sells products in the field of heating, water supply, sewage, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitation.

Our products

HDPE Pipes and fittings

HDPE Pipes and fittings

HDPE pipes are primarily intended for the transport and supply of drinking water under pressure. Valdom pipes can also be used for pressure or vacuum sewage.

PP-R Pipes and fittings

PP-R Pipes and fittings

PP-R pipes are used for water supply, heating, pressure air distribution, vacuum installations, chemical industry, irrigation...

PVC Pipes and fittings

PVC Pipes and fittings

PVC pipes and fittings are used for wastewater drainage in home and street sewer systems. A wide selection of pipes and fittings make them very easy to use.


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