VALDOM Pipes & Fiting

Valdom Company was founded in 2010 with the idea to adequately, modernly and environmentally respond to the growing market needs for quality solutions in the field of water supply, sewerage, air conditioning and heating.

The contribution to environmental protection lies in the fact that VALDOM d.o.o. in its production process it uses the latest generation of machines from renowned European manufacturers ENGEL and THEYSOHN, which are characterized by far lower power consumption.


We offer high performance all over the World

The quality guarantee of our products is compliance with all European and world recommendations and standards in the field of production of PP-R, HDPE, PVC, as well as PP pipes and fittings.

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HDPE Pipes and fittings

HDPE pipes are primarily intended for the transport and supply of drinking water under pressure. Valdom pipes can also be used for pressure or vacuum sewage.

HDPE Products

PP-R Pipes and fittings

PP-R pipes are used for water supply, heating, pressure air distribution, vacuum installations, chemical industry, irrigation ...

PPR Products

PVC Pipes and fittings

PVC pipes and fittings are used for wastewater drainage in home and street sewer systems. A wide selection of pipes and fittings make them very easy to use.

PCV Products